The Patio

Management Minutes

Patio: Plans, together with an approximate cost for materials, for a patio to be constructed outside the sliding doors at the front of the Clubhouse were passed around for comment. Mr A. Burgess and his son had offered to build the patio at no charge, but work would have to be carried out within the next 8 - 10 weeks. It was agreed in principle that this would benefit all the members and visitors, but that preference should be given to refurbishing the men’s showers and toilets.
(MoM 31st January 1995).

Management Minutes:

Patio: The Chairman said Messrs. A. & J. Burgess were prepared to build the patio at no cost to the club. The Club would have to provide all the materials. The Chairman said if we were to have the work done it needed to be started immediately and he would like to propose that the Club went ahead. The President seconded this and all were in favour. It was proposed to display a plan of the patio and ask members to buy a flag at £1 each.
(MoM 6th March 1995).
Management Minutes:

Patio: The patio had been completed and looked a fine addition to the front of the Clubhouse and blending in well. It was being well used, despite a few members voicing reservations as to its necessity. The raffle of chocolate Easter Eggs for the patio fund had raised over £200., and donations were still being received but were gradually tailing off. The S/M said he would present the cost of the patio at the next meeting.
(MoM 25th April 1995).

Management Minutes:

Patio: The Chairman proposed that a plaque be placed on the patio to acknowledge the building work of Arthur and Jonathan Burgess and the funds donated by numerous members. This was agreed by all.
(MoM 25th April 1995).

Management Minutes:

Patio: The S/M said he expected the patio to have cost in the region of £1,750.
(MoM 16th May 1995).

Size of Greens

The Chairman reported that following last month’s discussion on the size of the greens the Head Greenkeeper had measured the 15th and 9th green as compared with the map published in 1953 and both greens are, in fact, larger than at that time.

It was thought that the provision of aprons was actually making the putting surfaces smaller.

(MoM 8th December 1986).

Ordnance Survey

Ordnance & Survey Department. The Secretary reported receiving a visit from a Survey Official who requested permission to install a 'Survey Marker' on the course.

This Marker would consist of a 9-inch concrete slab, level with the ground, situated amongst the new trees on the West Side of the Fairway and adjacent to the East Side of the Men’s 7th Competition Tee.

This was agreed upon.

(MoM 21st May 1973).

County Boundary Changes

The boundary changes envisaged for local government should mean that next year (1974) the Club would have to be connected to the Norfolk County Golf Union, but our Ladies had strongly expressed the wish to remain with Suffolk.

Mention was made that if we were transferred to Norfolk we would lose such events as the Hambro, Tolly Cobbold and Cranworth matches.

The Secretary reported that he had spoken to Mr Pattison of the Suffolk Golf Union on this matter.

Should we feel inclined to remain in the Suffolk Union Mr Pattison was willing to contact the Royal and Ancient to enquire if this was possible, although he had expressed doubts on the issue.

The Captain pointed out that such a decision must be referred to the members to be voted upon.
(MoM 16th April 1973).

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